Start Strategizing Now for a Successful EHS&S Software Implementation

Make a business case for data management, and show stakeholders what it can do.

NAEM’s 2016 Strategies for a Successful EHS&S Software Selection offers EHS professionals an incredible resource by helping you frame the business case for a software implementation. Tapping experts such as VelocityEHS Learning and Development Manager Selin Jessani for advice, the new White Paper says that getting buy-in from stakeholders in your company is essential before, during and after any implementation.

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Topics covered include:

  • Strategizing and planning a move to data management
  • Defining the requirements of an EHS&S software system
  • Communicating the software’s value to stakeholders
  • Encouraging engagement post-implementation
  • Use the tips inside to make your transition a success!
“Data management is an increasingly important focus area for EHS&S leaders today because the right metrics can help identify audit priorities, serve as an early indicator for safety issues and demonstrate tangible results from sustainability investments.” 

-Carol Singer Neuvelt, NAEM Executive Director