Avoid the RFP Trap: The Smart Guide to Purchasing EHS Software

This webinar is designed to help you anticipate and overcome the challenges of an RFP-based EHS software purchasing process, while offering proven strategies, best practices, and alternative approaches for ensuring a highly successful long-term system implementation.

Topics Include:

  • Challenges of the RFP Process
  • Strategies and Tactics for Improving the Purchasing Process
  • Best Practices for Performing Your EHS Needs Assessment
  • Guidelines for Defining System Requirements and Acceptance Criteria
  • How to Find the Right Software Provider for Your Organization

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About the Presenter: Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is Director of Sales at VelocityEHS. For over fifteen years, Bill has worked in all facets of the EHS software delivery model including development, implementation and complex sales consulting. His passion for simplicity and time to value has helped deliver effective solutions to more than 100 organizations around the world in a wide range of industries including energy, manufacturing, transportation and biotech. In his current role, he is focused on helping EHS, IT, and operations professionals overcome the challenges of system acquisition including building a business case, navigating through contracting and data privacy issues, and defining the right scope for project success. Bill holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management Operations from The University of Western Ontario.