Lean & Safe: Integrating Safety Management and Process

Presented by: Damon Nix, Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute

Learn how to identify conflicting goals and ongoing tensions between safety and production.

Why are safety and productivity goals often perceived to be in conflict? It’s a fundamental question that grows out of the ongoing tension between safety and production (as anyone who has worked in the occupational safety and health field can attest.)

More to the point, does your Safety and Process Improvement staff work together? Would you like to learn to simultaneously improve safety and make your organization leaner?

Hosted by VelocityEHS (formally KMI), an established provider of dedicated EHS systems, this webinar features guest speaker Mr. Damon Nix, project manager for Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute. It will clarify why for safety professionals, the best path to ending the perceived conflict between safety and productivity is not victory, but making peace.

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